Key Word Sign is a tool or strategy which can be used to support children and adults with communication difficulties to understand and get their message across to others.

Key Word Sign (KWS) adds signs to spoken words. The key words in a message are signed. KWS is not a sign language, but it borrows the signs from the sign language of the country it is used in. In Australia this is Auslan.

Key Word Sign Australia acknowledges the Deaf community for the use of Auslan signs.

Key Word Sign Australia is a business unit of Scope, and we thank them for their support.

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Key Word Sign presenters have completed an intensive program providing them with the skills and knowledge to deliver training in Key Word Sign (KWS). Professional members are KWS presenters who are accredited by KWSA and licensed to deliver KWS training packages.

KWS professional members can provide KWS training, advice on using KWS, and those presenters who are also speech pathologists may be available for individualised intervention using KWS.

State committees and representatives provide support to KWS presenters in their state and help to coordinate the provision of KWS training.

Click on your state to find out about upcoming KWS workshops, request a workshop for your organisation or family, or to contact your state committee/representative.


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