Introducing KWSCreate, your one-stop location for key word sign video demonstrations, key word sign line drawings and descriptions, PCS images, and communication resource templates.

KWSCreate is proudly brought to you by Key Word Sign Australia, a business unit of Scope Australia.

This resource is made possible by an Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) National Information Program Funding Grant.

Key Word Sign Australia gratefully acknowledge and thank Key Word Sign Australia, Victoria and Key Word Sign Australia, New South Wales for their generous contributions toward the development of the central video library within KWSCreate, in support of the Key Word Sign community.

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How can I use KWSCreate?

You can use KWSCreate to:

  • Create personalised communication resources for the individuals you support
  • Create customised learning resources for communication partners
  • Create tailored resources to support key word sign communication environments
  • Review signs you have learned in Key Word Sign workshops
  • Learn new sign vocabulary
  • Check accurate production of signs

What is included in a subscription to KWSCreate?

  • A library of over 1000 line-drawings and written descriptions of signs.
  • A library of over 850 high-resolution video demonstrations.
    • Each video includes three camera views to support learning of signs.
  • Corresponding PCS images to complement key word signs line drawings.
  • A selection of pre-designed templates to allow efficient creation of communication resources.
  • Access to folders to store your templates and resources.
  • ‘Save to PDF’ function to print or share resources.
  • Access to new vocabulary and resources as they are added.

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KWSCreate is available as either a 6-month, 12-month, or 24-month individual subscription. With prices starting from less than $7 a month, you can choose the best value option for your needs.

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Need support to use KWSCreate?

Contact us at Key Word Sign Australia and we would be happy to help you set up and use KWSCreate.