Key Word Sign Supports

Key Word Sign Supports

Here are some examples of Key Word Sign resources and services that can be included in a NDIS plan.

What Key Word Sign supports can be included in an NDIS plan?


This can be by:

  • Attending a Key Word Sign workshop that is offered by an organisation or an individual Key Word Sign presenter, or
  • Requesting a private workshop be provided to a group of people who are supporting the NDIS participant (i.e. organise for family members, friends, educators, support workers, or child care staff to come along).

This may be to help communication partners:

  • Retain and use the vocabulary taught in workshops
  • Learn additional vocabulary
  • Maintain accuracy of Key Word Sign production
  • Increase fluency of Key Word Sign production

This may be provided by accessing:

  • Key Word Sign group practice sessions, and/or
  • Direct 1:1 service provision by an accredited Key Word Sign practitioner

This applies to any resources for purchase such as Key Sign Lanyards, Key Word Sign Posters, or the Getting Started with Key Word Sign red book.

This includes any therapy delivered directly to a participant by an NDIS provider who has Key Word Sign knowledge, skills and experience, or who has access to consultative supports provided by an accredited Key Word Sign practitioner.

This might include development of personalised communication aids, such as a Personal Communication Dictionary, visual schedules using KWS, or Community Request Cards.

This may be to advise on and support development and maintenance of a Key Word Sign and gesture communication supportive environment for organisations, programs or workplaces which are significant environments for the participant (i.e. for educational, childcare, recreational or accommodation and respite settings).

There are a range of support items identified in the NDIS support and pricing catalogues which can be used to fund Key Word Sign related supports.

Listed below are examples of support items that you may be able to use to claim Key Word Sign services and resources if they are in your plan.

You may also request these support items be included in your Plan during its development.

Talk with your Planner, Plan Manager or Provider for more information about your plan, the support items that are included or you would like to include, and how you may be able to use these support items to claim for Key Word Sign services and resources.

Please note: The NDIS continues to develop additional support items as the scheme matures. Descriptions or names of support items may change but the associated numbers seem to stay the same.

Capacity Building For Early Childhood Interventions – Other Professional 15_005_0118_1_3

Therapy Assistant – Level 2 15_008_0118_1_3

Assessment Recommendation Therapy or Training – Speech Pathologist 15_622_0128_1_3

Assessment Recommendation Therapy or Training – Other Professional 15_056_0128_1_3

Therapy Assistant – Level 2 15_053_0128_1_3

Training For Carers/Parents Training for carers in matters related to caring for a person with disability 15_038_0117_1_3

Selection and/or Manufacture of Customised or Wearable Technology 15_047_0135_1_3

Low Cost AT – Communication Or Cognitive Support 03_222100911_0124_1_1

AT Rental – Communication & Computer access 05_222100115_0124_1_2

Assistive Products for communication or information support 05_220000111_0124_1_2

Key Word Sign as a Reasonable and Necessary Support

When you are speaking with a NDIS planner about your goals and the resources and services that you need to achieve them, you might be asked for information and/or research evidence about why Key Word Sign is a reasonable and necessary strategy to consider.

You can read the information contained within the ‘About Key Word Sign’ section of this website to help you answer this. You can also find more detailed information in the ‘Research’ section of the website.