Chat and Sign

Use key word sign to chat about everyday activities and routines that happen at home, at school, at work or in the community.

Learn and Sign

Key word sign can be a fantastic tool to support learning in many different settings, like day care, preschool, school and beyond. In these resources we share some signs for specific topics.
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Read and Sign

Using KWS with book reading supports attention to and understanding of the story, and helps build the foundation for future literacy development. And it's a great way to learn more signs!

Sing and Sign

Signing in songs is a great way to introduce people to the use of KWS. It helps people learn a set of signs and develop their confidence and fluency. And it's fun for all ages!

Songs for Celebrations

Many of these Christmas Carol videos were made at a meeting, and the signs learned within an hour or so. So the signing isn't perfect, but we had lots of fun. You can get sign guides for ALL of these Christmas Carols in the Christmas Bundle on our shop (at a discounted price).
Signing level: Beginner

Signs of interest

Here you will find videos and other resources for a range of topics.