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The very Itchy, Cranky, Clever and Super Bear Bundle

The Very Itchy Bear:
Bear is busy doing his own thing. Until suddenly… “Hello!” It’s flea biting high and biting low. It’s the only way he knows how to say hello. Will Bear and Flea become friends in the end?
Signing level: Beginner

The Very Cranky Bear:
In this book, four little friends from the Jingle Jangle Jungle are looking for the perfect place to play. Little do they know that in their chosen spot, lives a very cranky bear who just wants to sleep. Zebra, Lion and Moose try their very best to cheer him up, but in the end, who knows just what to do?
Signing Level: Intermediate

The Very Clever Bear:
Bear and his friends want to be part of the circus. Elephant, Lion, Moose and Goose all have great ideas for their tricks. But all is not what it seems! Can Bear come up with a very clever trick of his own?
Signing level: Intermediate

The Very Super Bear:
Bear has found himself a cape. He swishes it here and swooshes it there. What a perfect thing for a bear to wear. But when a monster starts gobbling up the jungle, will Bear need to find another use for his super cape? Sign along as Bear saves the day.
Signing level: Intermediate

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