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Children running down a school corridor

Back to School

Going back to school can be a stressful time for children, parents and teachers. Using key word sign and symbols can help everyone get organised and understand what needs to happen. Here’s a collection of resources for that.

• Back to School Sign phrases – helpful phrases to start the new school year and welcome students, families and staff back to school. IT'S FREE!
• Shopping List – to help parents buy and gather all the things children need for a new school year
• Morning Routine and a Getting Ready for School Routine – to help children get into the rhythm of a school day
• Social Story – for those children who may be a bit anxious about starting the school year, and
• Listening and Learning board – for teachers to help children settle down for learning

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Getting Ready for School & Morning Routines

Listening & Learning Support Board

Listening and Learning Board

Going Back To School-Social Story

Back to School Social Story

Shopping List