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Organisation Model Application

Contact and Presenter Details

1. Name of person completing this form(Required)
5. Organisation mailing address(Required)
6. Name of contact person within organisation(Required)
Please write each presenter's name separated by a comma.
11. Are all presenters current members of Key Word Sign Australia?(Required)

Key Word Sign Workshop Details

E.g. Staff, clients / customers of your organisation
A minimum of 50 participants must be trained to be eligible for this model.
These workshops include access to a self-paced elearning module and a 5 hr practical session that can be delivered online or face to face.
These workshops are 7 hrs in duration and can be delivered online or face to face, in a single day or over split sessions.
16. Will you be charging participants any amount to attend the the KWS workshops delivered by your organisation?(Required)

Workshops delivered under an Organisation Model should be free (or cost recovery only).
This question is optional.